Bulbul Kids – Preschool Communication and Learning App

From India’s No 1 Kids app and the best kids content company. Increase your preschool admissions, Parent Engagement and Happiness, School readiness of your kids.

Why Bulbul Kids ?

Bulbul Kids is India’s No 1 Kids learning app company focused on the child’s development during the early years. Preschools love us because we increase admissions and parent engagement through our solution. Parents love us because we give them deep insights into the child’s learning and progress. Kids love us. We are the best kids content company out there.

Increase Parent Engagement

Update parents regularly on the child’s progress and development through Pictures, Messages, Calendar events, Digital Activities, Stories and Curated Videos for kids. Makes parents feel informed and secure about sending their child to your preschool.

Improve School Readiness

With more than 200 stories, 2000 interactive activities and 1000s of carefully curated vidoes, the kid is exposed to the finest curriculum. Our skills engine carefully assesses the progress to fully understand kids School readiness.

Increase Admissions

More than 50% of parents change preschools at least once in 3 years. Preschools that use Bulbul Kids increase parent engagement, kids learning, positive word of mouth, leading to greater retention. Bulbul Kids creates a huge local differentiation leading to increased admissions.

Our Solution - Features

After spending 100s of hours with Parents, teachers, preschool owners and franchisors doing interviews, pilots and studies, we have identified the major pain points of the stakeholders and designed the product with these features.

Parent- Teacher Communication

Create an authentic trusted communication channel between teacher and parent. Regular updates on child’s progress and curated resources for at-home learning.

Calendar Events

Invite parents to events in the school. Update them on the school calendar and timings and send holiday notifications.

Pictures and Activities

Send beautiful pictures to parents about the kids activities like eating, napping, playing and learning Let parents enjoy these shareable moments.


Everyday Learning

100’s of interactive books, videos and worksheets mapped to your school curriculum. Designed by early childhood education experts and created by world class artists.

Parental Controls

Restrict screen time using out time lock feature. Set a time limit and the app stops working for the kid after that.

Reports and Assessments

Get deep insights into your child’s progress on a weekly and monthly basis. Detailed reports on the time spent learning and level of understanding of each topic.

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